Leven Bank

1995 – Present Day, N Gauge

LEVEN BANK is a fictitious station on the ScotRail region of the East Coast Main Line. Passenger trains from other rail regions run through Leven Bank. Set in the Post Privatisation Era (1995 -Onwards) with four continuous running tracks to eight through and two terminal track fiddle yard where Express Passenger Trains can stop or run through and Local services use the terminus platforms.

Freight Trains will uncouple wagons at the Cement Works, Container Terminal or Freight Sidings or run the length of the layout. The Station has two island platforms for two through and two terminus Passenger tracks. Freight tracks runs either side of the Passenger tracks.

A modern station building is on raised ground above the Platforms. A small Container Terminal serves the Industrial and Retail Business in the Leven Bank area.

Sidings for Track Engineering Workshop and DMU Servicing facilitates.

The Cement Works has a Despatch Shed for loading tankers and Pallet Wagons, sidings for extra rakes of wagons to be externally loaded, Hoppers for Gravel / Aggregates traffic.

Freight siding for wagons not required at the Container Terminal or Cement Works.

A Tramway has two terminus for a shuttle service in Leven Bank to the Station, Sports Centre and Market Gardening area.