Cadham Bay – OO Gauge

Cadham Bay is currently the largest layout in the club at 38′ x 8′ (at its widest point) and is set in the present day depicting a fictitious location. In addition to winning 1st prize for the 2015 Best Association Layout at the Model Rail Scotland exhibition in Glasgow, the layout also proudly features in the September 2015, February 2017 and December 2017 editions of the Railway Modeller magazine.

Cadham Bay also proudly features in the June 2019 edition (Issue 144) of Hornby Magazine, along with winning the Most Entertaining Layout award at the 51st Bristol Model Railway Exhibition in May 2019. In the picture below the late Davy Cant (on the right) is accepting the trophy from Nigel Mann, Guest Layout Manager at Bristol Model Railway Exhibition.

Cadham Bay is situated on the East Coast of Scotland served by the local trains either going down the coast or taking the inland routes via the junction. From the south the line sweeps out of the tunnel and past the beach, where the sun worshipers are out in force, and into the station. The modern station has a narrow down platform and a combined up and branch line platform connected by a subway.

A tram service terminates at the station, to serve the outlying districts not served by the railway.

On leaving the station we pass the smouldering remains of the local theatre and the fire brigade packing up after successfully dealing with the inferno. The branch line runs parallel to the main line as they head across the bridges over the harbour before diving into tunnels beneath the residential caravan park.

A much wider selection of photos can be viewed in the Photo Gallery.

For an indication of the work involved in the construction of Cadham Bay, please click here for photos dating back to 2008 with work well underway.

A request to organisers of model railway exhibitions: in terms of transporting, loading and unloading of the layout we would greatly appreciate if the layout could be located on the ground floor of a venue due to the size and weight of each of the boards – if possible. However, if a lift or level access is available to upper floors then we are happy to set up Cadham Bay wherever it is requested.